Kerala Saree and 10 Blouse Styles

The traditional kerala saree also known as kasavu sarees. The kasavu sarees will come in white or creams color with attractive golden kasavu borders. The kerala women love to wear kerala sarees or kasavu saree on their every occasion especially in onam festivals. Get these beautiful kerala sarees online at The kerala sarees can be matched with different style of blouse. The most kerala sarees are set mundu kerala sarees, set mundu sarees comes in 2 different part clothing's. Kerala sarees comes in kerala cotton sarees and kerala tissue sarees.

10 Blouse Styles to Pair with a Kerala Saree:

Normal Blouse:

The normal contrast blouse looks very simple and easy to more choices for this type of blouses.

Boat Neck Blouse:

Boat neck blouse for kerala sarees adds a touch of sophistication to the Kerala saree, highlighting the neckline and collarbones.

Elbow length blouse:

A classic blouse style that offers modest coverage and pairs well with the simplicity of a Kerala saree.

High Neck Blouse:

A high neck blouse exudes elegance and can be embellished with intricate embroidery or beaded details for a regal touch.

Aari work blouse:

Kerala saree with aari work blouse combination is very attractive and gives a very rich look. This combo most commonly loved by every woman. For this upcoming onam festivals kerala sarees come in different styles, varieties such as kerala set mundu, printed kerala sarees, mural printed kerala sarees, embroidery kerala sarees.

Collared Blouse:

A collared blouse lends a touch of sophistication and can be styled with contrasting colors or embellishments to make a statement.

Off-shoulder Blouse:

An off-shoulder blouse brings a trendy and chic vibe to the Kerala saree, showcasing the shoulders and adding a modern touch.

Sleeveless Blouse with Embellishments:

A sleeveless blouse with intricate embellishments, such as sequins, beads, or embroidery, adds glamour and enhances the overall appeal of a Kerala saree.

Brocade Blouse:

Zari work or thread work blouse will match best for kerala sarees. Kerala sarees with brocade blouses create a stunning combination that blends the traditional charm of Kerala sarees with the richness and elegance of brocade fabric. The brocade blouse adds a luxurious and festive element to the overall look.

Sheer Sleeves Blouse:

A blouse with sheer sleeves adds an element of grace and femininity, creating an ethereal look when paired with a Kerala saree.

Bright Red or Green Raw Silk Blouse for Kerala Kasavu Sarees:

Choosing a bright red or green raw silk blouse for a Kerala saree can create a captivating and vibrant look.

Red: Bright red is a bold and attention-grabbing color that adds a touch of glamour and intensity to the overall ensemble. Red is considered auspicious and symbolizes love, passion, and celebration in Indian culture. When paired with a Kerala saree, it creates a striking contrast against the off-white or cream-colored base of the saree. The combination of red and gold kasavu borders creates a classic and timeless look that is perfect for weddings, festivals, and special occasions.

Green: Green is a refreshing and vibrant color that represents nature, fertility, and prosperity. It complements the earthy tones of a Kerala saree beautifully. Opting for a bright green raw silk blouse can create a lively and enchanting look. The combination of green and gold kasavu borders evokes a sense of traditional elegance and adds a pop of color to the overall ensemble.

Both red and green are popular choices for blouses when it comes to Kerala sarees. They add a festive and celebratory touch to the attire while maintaining a sense of cultural significance. It's important to choose shades of red or green that complement your skin tone and personal style. Consider trying out different shades and tones to find the one that best enhances your overall look. Buy these beautiful kerala kasavu sarees online at

Whether you choose a bright red or green raw silk blouse, the combination with a Kerala saree will create a visually stunning and captivating ensemble that showcases the richness of the fabric and the cultural heritage of Kerala.

These blouse styles provide a range of options to pair with a Kerala saree, allowing you to experiment and create different looks while keeping the traditional essence intact.

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