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Exploring the Timeless Elegance of Kerala Sarees: A Journey into Tradition and Style

Kerala saree is the clothing of women in the Indian state of Kerala. Kerala sarees are also known as set mundu, mundum neriyathum, and kasavu sarees.

The traditional wear kerala set mundu sarees has come in 2 parts. Mundu which is worn on the lower portion of the body. It's white or half-white in color, and this can be worn by both men and women. It looks like a long skirt or dhoti. The upper clothing part varies by age and gender-wise.

The karalakudi saree famous as the kerala sari, it’s a traditional symbol of kerala and it resembles the tradition of kerala.

The original kerala sarees are hand woven and made up of unbleached cotton cloths. The kerala sarees are well known for their fine-quality weaving.

Nowadays both hand-woven and machine kerala sarees are coming into the market. Machine-woven kerala sarees can be affordable to every person, it’s a budget-friendly saree.

The white and gold sarees look unique due to their natural looks, gold border, and texture of the sarees, which gives elegant looks to kerala sarees. Without the kerala kasuvu saree, no occasion in kerala can feel complete.

The traditional kerala sarees have come in both gold and silver zari borders. The traditional white or half-white saree with gold or silver zari border is called the kerala saree or kerala set mundu sarees.

Every kerala wedding ceremony must include a white saree with a gold border.

Kerala saree comes in different patterns and designs. Kerala Mural printed sarees, kerala plain silver zari border sarees, kerala gold zari border sarees, kerala printed sarees, kerala hand paint work sarees, kerala zari work sarees, kerala half white sarees, kerala copper work sarees, kerala temple border sarees, kerala customized work sarees, kerala set mundu embroidery work sarees, Kerala tissue sarees, kerala kasavu cotton sarees, and copper tissue kerala sarees.

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Which saree is best for Onam?

The traditional Kasavu saree is considered the best saree for Onam.

Which type of saree is famous in Kerala?

The Kasavu saree is the most famous and iconic type of saree in Kerala. These sarees are widely worn by women during festivals, weddings, and other special occasions in Kerala. The kasavu sarees are traditional attire for Kerala.

Why is kerala saree white?

The traditional Kerala saree is white to symbolize purity, simplicity, and elegance. Kerala gets so much rain; the dyeing process is difficult this is also one of the technical reasons talking around. Another reason there are so many greens and colors in kerala naturally, is that people love to wear neutral colors.

Which color is best for Kerala saree?

The traditional color of kerala sarees is white or cream or gold color. The white color is accompanied by golden kasavu borders.