Collection: Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

Kanjivaram sarees originated from Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu, and are called Kancheepuram Sarees. Kanjivaram sarees are made from pure mulberry silk thread. The original Kanchipuram sarees are made only in Tamilnadu. These saris are worn as bridal & special occasion saris by most women in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh.

It has been recognized as a Geographical indication by the Government of India in 2005–2006. the Kanjivaram saree-wearing style is being weaved for 400 years now. Every Kanjivaram silk sarees come with a silk hallmark provided by the government of India. The Silk Mark Organization of India is responsible for giving quality standards and certifying real silk sarees. So, if the sign is on the sarees, then what you are buying is a genuine one. Kanchipuram saree fabrics are considered one of the most strong and most durable fabrics.

This saree is made of three silk threads twisted together and it becomes more durable. The Kanjivaram saree weight can be up to 2 kilos also. The specialty of Kanjivaram sarees can be woven using pure gold or silver zari. The cost of Kanjivaram sarees depends on work and based on what thread is used to weave the sarees. In south India, every woman's only choice for wearing at their wedding is the Kanchipuram silk sarees.

That’s how the Kanjivaram sarees are a dream of every girl at their wedding. Shop the best Kanjivaram silk sarees online from the wide collections of Kanjivaram silks, and Kanjivaram silk sarees online from The exquisite zari work that this sari displays make it a must forever bridal treasure, especially in South India. But the worldwide living south Indian women love to get Kanchipuram silk sarees on their wedding specials.

Various textures, the use of colorful silk, and skilled craftsmanship are necessary for the making of this sari, which also makes it more expensive than most types of sarees. Amazing designs of Kanjivaram sarees online you can select from huge varieties of collections.