Collection: Pure mysore Silk Sarees

Mysore silk sarees manufactured only by KSIC (Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Limited). Mysore silk sarees give a very rich look and are done on very minimalistic zari work on sarees.

KSIC Mysore sarees are famous, it is one of the identities of Mysore. Pure mysore silk saree looks unique and it is a flowy and lightweight fabric.

Mysore silk has also received geographical identification. Mysore silk sarees are pure silk variants with suitable zari work on the saree. Such a minimalist work on each mysore silk sarees is one of the most preferred sarees for weddings, grand festivals, and even parties also.

Mysore silk sarees are made with 65% pure silver and 0.65% gold, so mysore silk sarees are the most expensive sarees in India due to their quality. Every pure mysore silk sarees have come with a silk hologram mark which represents the purity of these mysore silk sarees.

Mysore silk saris have a smooth feel and flowy drape. The contrast color of the border and pallu with gold zari work includes more richness in each saree.

Mysore silk sarees are machine woven but have a similar texture to the handloom woven silk sarees. Private firms do not produce the mysore silk sarees, the royal pure mysore silk sarees are only produced by KSIC, and each saree comes with a unique code.