Collection: Mangalagiri Sarees

Unravelling the beauty of Mangalagiri Sarees

Mangalagiri sarees are the topmost Indian ethnic wear. Mangalagiri sarees are one of the unique varieties and it has a unique woven style. The Mangalagiri sarees and fabrics are produced by performing handicraft weaving in mangalagiri.

In Andhra Pradesh town in the Guntur district is famous for weaving mangalagiri sarees. It was registered as one of the handicrafts in the geographical indication from Andhra Pradesh by the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999.

The Mangalagiri fabric is produced by weaving with the help of pit looms from combed yarn by warp and woof interlacing. The fabric then undergoes the process of dying. The world-famous Mangalagiri fabrics have a glorious history, and the Mangalagiri sarees, gain admiration for their simple patterns, bold colours, and durability of the cotton. Mangalagiri sarees have a history of more than five centuries. The namesake of the town from where the handloom legacy originates, Mangalagiri sarees are known for their crisp-finish cotton fabric.

They are used to produce sarees of dense colours and distinguished finesse. Cotton is a major crop in India and since time immemorial it has played a significant role in the growth of the modern textile industry in India too. Pure cotton is cultivated in many of our bountiful states; thus, cotton sarees have always been a craze among the women of our country.

Mangalagiri sarees are one such particular type of cotton sarees with checks and patterns, along with zari or golden-coloured borders. Mangalagiri sarees come in different varieties such as mangalagiri plain sarees with ikkat blouse, mangalagiri pattu sarees with silver border, mangalagiri pattu sarees with kanchi border, mangalagiri pattu sarees with pochampally border, mangalagiri pattu sarees with ikkat border, mangalagiri cotton saree with nizam border and mangalagiri cotton sarees with zari border.

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