Collection: Pure Silk Sarees

The pure silk saree has a place in the hearts and minds of many people due to its elegance, and smooth and luxurious fabric of the silk. Silk is the most loved fabric, and it is considered the most grand. The pure silk saree is the very best option for bridal wear, any grand occasion, and a gift for your special one. Silk sarees are the treasure for every Indian wardrobe they can be moved from generation to generation.

Silk sarees have many different varieties according to the state wise. Here we list some of the most known handloom silk sarees of India, Kanjivaram silk sarees, Mysore silk sarees, Pochampally silk sarees, Banarasi katan silk sarees, chanderi silk sarees, paithani sarees, Assam silk sarees, tussar silk sarees, Mangalagiri silk sarees, patola sarees, uppada silk sarees, and ventakagiri silk sarees.