Collection: Ikkat Sarees

Ikkat is a special woven cloth because here tie and dyed yarns are used to weave cloth. The term "Ikat" itself derives from the Malay word mengikat, which means to tie or bind. Telangana is considered one of the ancient Ikkat weaving centers of India, in addition to the states like Gujarat and Odisha. Ikkat, patola, and pochampally refer to the same technique of weaving, which is a cross-over between printing and weaving.

Here, the design motifs are first printed, or resist-dyed, onto the warp or the weft threads, or both, and then diligently woven into a fabric or saree. This type of woven is referred to as ikkat varieties of fabrics, ikkat sarees, ikkat kid’s frocks, ikkat blouses, and ikkat men’s shirts, and kurtas. There are 2 fabric types of ikkat woven types available, single ikkat and double ikkat. The ikkat saree is the best choice for officers and teachers for daily wear purposes.

It gives very comfortably to wear for every woman. Check out the latest collection of ikkat sarees in different patterns and colors. Choose your best ikkat sarees from huge collections. Ikkat pattu sarees also known as pochampally silk sarees. Pochampally silk sarees are one of the best costumes for wedding wear saree.