Top 10 Designs of Traditional Handwoven Banana Pattu Sarees

Vaalai naar pattu sarees with border:

Vaalai naar pattu sarees gives a minimalistic rich look and its looks like a silk saree. Plain vaalai naaru pattu sarees with contrast pallu and traditional zari work or thread work border gives a complete tradition come stylish look. Looks very pretty to wear and suitable for any occasions. For this upcoming pongal festival vaalai naar pattu sarees one of the best options to wear and celebrate the pongal with family.

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Vaalai naar pattu sarees with border

Banana fibre sarees with butta work:

One of another variety of banana silk saree comes with a body work on saree with contrast blouse. This simple borderless saree comes in contrast pallu and solid colour. This simple banana sarees comes in different designs of butta work on saree. To buy this saree check vannamayil to get plenty of varieties. 

Banana fibre sarees with butta work

Banana pith sarees with heavy border:

The complete saree becomes full of thread or zari work lines on body with contrast border work which gives a rich look for this type of sarees. This full saree comes with a lined design and suitable to wear wedding also. Any rich festival like diwali and pongal can be worn this heavy work banana pith sarees. The best to wear who celebrated the Durga pooja can be worn this saree at their special occasions. This banana pith sarees best to for any gift purpose.

Vaalai silk saree with printed work:

The special part about in this printed vaalai pattu is, we can print whatever the print we like in our style. You can use any type of prints like hand block, hand paint, brush paint or digital print on sarees. Buy from the plenty of collections of the trendiest banana silk printed saree in vannamayil.

Vaalai silk saree with contrast border:

Vaalai silk saree coming with a bright contrast colour border and contrast pallu. The contrast colour combinations give a very pretty and bright look for each saree. To buy this trendy banana silk saree click here –

Vaalai silk saree with contrast border

Banana silk sarees with embroidery work:

Banana silk embroidery sarees comes in contrast pallu colour saree. The embroidery sarees come in a huge varieties of design collections. The banana silk saree comes in a without blouse. In some goods only comes with running blouse. Mostly banana silk saree comes in matching ikkat blouses or silk cotton blouses or brocade blouses. Compare to running blouse ikkat or brocade blouses more suitable to wear with these embroidery sarees.

Vazhai pattu saree with checked pattern:

Vazhai pattu saree comes in a different style and design. This handloom vazhai pattu saree one of the unique combos is checked pattern mixed of two different unique colours comes with contrast pallu. This comes in striped checked pattern or cross-checked pattern like more varieties coming in this vazhai pattu sarees for in day-to-day life to enjoy our special days with beautiful banana sarees.

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Vazhai pattu saree with checked pattern

Banana pith silk saree in vanasingaram design:

In design patterns vanasingaram design is a famous style in every saree lover. Vanasingaram saree comes in different types of fabrics. The vanasingaram silk saree, vanasingaram cotton saree, and vanasingaram banana pith silk saree. Full saree body comes with a vanasingaram body work which is in full of zari work gives a very rich for these sarees.

This comes with elegant small border and contrast color pallu with simple line work pallu. The vanasingaram saree can be worn bride for their weddings. Vanasingaram sarees are very best gifting options for their wife, mother, sisters, lover, and friends, because everybody loves this artistic work of this sarees.

Chinnalampattu cotton sarees:

Chinnalampattu also known as banana pith sarees. The banana sarees called by different names. It’s also known as Madurai sarees. To make more comfortable in the mean while look simple and glassy banana pattu cotton sarees provided by vannamayil. This handwoven saree woven mixed with a banana fibre and cotton fabric. It's known as chinnalampattu cotton sarees or banana pith cotton sarees.

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Chinnalampattu cotton sarees

9-yard madisar banana pattu saree:

What is a Madisar saree?

The Madisar or Koshavam (Tamil: மடிசார்) is a typical way in which the sari is worn by Tamil Brahmin women. The Madisar saree comes in a different length 9-yard, 9.5 yard and 10 yards. It has its roots in the ancient Indian civilization and dates back to the 2nd century BC. Vannamayil provides this beautiful ancient madisar in a banana pith fabric to look more tradition.

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