The Fabulous Eco-friendly Banana Pattu Sarees

What is banana pith sarees?

The banana pith sarees or vaalai pattu sarees are made from banana fibres which is taken from banana stems. The process involving in the extraction of banana fibres is time consuming work. These are handwoven sarees woven by weavers in Tamilnadu. This saree resembles like silk saree due to its shine.

The fabulous eco-friendly banana pattu sarees:

Vazhai naar pattu saree crafted from 100% banana yarn will make you long for one that very moment. Vazhai naar pattu sarees also called as banana fibre sarees, banana silk sarees, banana pith sarees, chinnalapattu sarees and vaalai silk handloom sarees. Vazhai naar pattu saree is very comfortable to wear and eco-friendly sarees. It’s a pure handloom saree and unique weaving saree. It takes approx. 3 - 5 days to weave a one saree.

Vazhai naar pattu saree is a very trending saree from the long period of time. It’s purely handwoven in tamilnadu. Vazhai naar pattu sarees gives chillness when adorned natural fibre sarees. Banana pith sarees have become the best choice among working women because it looks simple and elegant when adorned. Infused with bright colours and weaved using high-end zari with finer details in the pallu, a vazhai naar pattu sarees must have a place in every woman’s wardrobe.

This also can be worn any festivals like diwali, pongal and wear any occasions like weddings, office functions, and much more., the speciality of banana fibre sarees each time it will come in unique colour combinations, you will look unique while wearing vaalai pattu sarees. The banana saree coming with zari work or thread work, printed work and embroidery work banana sarees can buy it from vannamayil.Com.

The banana fibre sarees are loved by women in india and worldwide, because of nature of its quality and elegance looks of this saree. Vannamayil directly getting sarees from banana silk saree manufacturers and gives you options of banana pith sarees online shopping with best experience.

Handloom banana pith silk sarees (vaalai naar pattu):

Many of you heard about banana fibre used in making sarees. They are popularly known as banana pith silk sarees. This banana fibres sarees originated from tamilnadu.

In banana pith sarees available in different styles, designs and mixed of cotton to give you best look in each design sarees. Check here for more varieties of banana pith sarees.

The process of making banana pith sarees:

The extracting of banana fibre involves more time and need more laborious work. Many women involved in this process of weaving clusters. First process of making sarees from banana fibre, yarn is to be created. To create yarn, banana fibres are extracted from the banana stem and the yarn has sent to dying process into different colours.

The dyed yarn spun by a weaver onto bobbin. The bobbin soaked into water until the bobbin is ready to be woven. The weft of the saree is banana fibre yarn, and the warp is cotton or silk. Both these are skilfully brought together by the weavers using handloom or pit looms to make the beautiful dual shaded banana pith silk sarees. Chennai, chinnalapattu are famous for making these vaalai pattu sarees. Banana pith sarees are vegan, and environment-friendly banana fibre sarees. Get banana pith sarees whole new range of sarees woven pure from banana pith(fibre).

In tamil, it called வாழை நார் சேலைகள். The banana pith sarees have silk like look, have their own grace and breathable, gives natural shine on saree. Get this beautiful eco-friendly banana sarees and get banana silk saree price and easily do your purchase of vaalai pattu sarees online shopping via

Varieties of vaalai naar pattu sarees:

Using banana fibre different varieties, colours and designs of sarees made day by day. The banana pith sarees also known as chinnalapattu sarees. The banana silk sarees woven in plain borderless banana pith sarees, contrast border banana pith sarees, vaalai pattu sarees with traditional border work, banana fibre saree heavy jungle or vanasingaram zari work design on whole sarees, print work vazhai pattu sarees, checked vazhai pattu sarees, banana leaf cotton saree, and 9-yard vazhai nar pattu sarees like so many varieties available woven using banana fibre.

Banana pith sarees making takes a minimum of 3 days to weave a saree. Get these tremendous collections of vaalai naar saree and know the banana pith sarees price and make your convenient banana pith silk sarees online shopping with vannamayil.Com and make sure to give your support to banana pith sarees weavers who are still developing our artistic handloom work.

We provide you the huge collection of chinnalapattu banana pith sarees with vibrant colour combination at one place and make it your purchase today and get your designer banana saree at your doorstep.

The banana silk sarees easy to drape and very comfort to wear on any occasions, festivals, pongal celebration, diwali festival, it will suit for most the functions due to its vibrant color combinations and shiny look of vaalai naar pattu sarees. Know about the quality of vaalai pattu sarees with price and book vazhai pattu sarees online in vannamayil.Com.

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